Who can use GeSTupTM?

All types of taxpayers and any one who wants to generate IRN through e-Invoicing can opt for GeSTupTM service to file GST returns.

What returns can I file with GeSTupTM?

All returns specified by the Government can be filed through GeSTupTM.

Can I file returns for multiple businesses with one account?

Yes, you can sign up with GeSTupTM, create multiple business, and file returns from a single account.

How do I add data to GeSTupTM for different returns?

You can create templates for various types of invoices and upload data into the system.

Can GeSTupTM integrate directly with my ERP/Accounting Solution?

Yes, GeSTupTM will provide connectors to integrate with ERP system.

Can I download reports & data from GeSTupTM?

Yes, GeSTupTM has an export option to download reports and data.