GeSTupTM Pricing

Pay as you use

Component Priced / Free Pricing Basis
GST Returns Preparation Free Limited
Multi Entity Free Limited
Multi User Free Limited
Manage Business Contacts Free Limited
Sales & Purchase Register Add / Upload Priced Per record with reduction for higher volume slabs
Integration with Legacy System (Add on) Priced Per integration
Reconciliation of Mismatch Cases Free Unlimited
Notify and share data to counterparty Priced Per mail
Alert & Notification from GSTN Free Unlimited
Analytics and Dashboard Free Pre-defined
Mobile Interface Priced Per use
Cash & Credit Utilization Free Per transaction
e-Filing Priced Per return
Storage of Data Priced Per GB
Digital Signature Priced Per signature
Online Support Free Limited calls per month
GST Registration Priced Per registration
Tax Payment Priced Per transaction