GeSTupTM is an enterprise class application architect that operates on a single premise – to simplify compliance related to GST. The application is easily configurable, intuitively responsive, mobile ready, robust, stable, and backed by formidable systems & data security.

Irrespective of the industry you operate in, or the size of your business, this application will comprehensively manage the entire gamut of GST regulatory compliances – easily and accurately. What’s more, GeSTupTM also provided valuable analytics and insights for your business.

With GeSTupTM managing all aspects of GST return filing and regulatory compliances, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.


GeSTupTM offers an extensive array of features to get your business GST ready.

Platform Features of GeSTupTM


  • Scalable cloud platform to manage GST compliance
  • Real time validation with GSTN

Multi Entity & Multi User

  • Built to manage multiple organizations & GSTIN through a single account
  • Ability to define multiple stakeholders & control access privilege

Privacy & Security

  • Platform adheres to GSTN guidelines/standards
  • Ensures data confidentiality through private encryption


  • Integrates seamlessly using API with any systems like ERP, Account system/package & Core Banking etc
  • Ease of data upload using spreadsheet (Excel & CSV)


  • The website is best experienced on the following version (or higher) of Chrome 31, Firefox 26, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 9 browsers
  • Multiple devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablets)
  • Mobile Applications

Application Features

User Interface & User Experience

  • Seamless user interface
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Definitive template for data upload
  • Role base online e-Learning module
  • Simple workflow from return preparation to return filing

GST Compliance

  • Single touchpoint to file all returns
  • Automatic GST return preparation
  • Real time tax validation
  • e-Payment of taxes as per liability
  • All types of GST registration
  • e-Filing using Aadhaar & Digital Signature


  • Manage Business Contacts & Tax Masters and use across multiple entities


  • Real time mismatch identification & categorization as per tax validation rules
  • 100% accuracy & consistency of data with tax validation rules
  • ITC mismatch highlight
  • Assign unmatched within team & track


  • Multi browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Multiple devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablets)
  • Mobile Applications

Alerts & Notification

  • Proactive alerts with actionable intuitive screen
  • Notify counterparts by sharing details of unmatched cases
  • Alerts & reminders on GSTN circulars

Activity Log/Audit Trail

  • User log records to ensure accountability


  • The powerful report builder enables grouping at any level (Entity, Business, Return Month, Financial Year), Liability Details, Mismatch Details, ITC Reversal Details, ITC Utilization Details, and so on.


  1. Comprehensive functionalities for easy GST compliance management.
  2. Simple navigation, intuitive workflows & user-friendly data entry formats.
  3. A central repository for data, invoices & documents.
  4. Secure platform with alerts & notifications eliminate risks.
  5. Tools & forms, and reports & insights to ensure speed & efficiency.
  6. Continuous inputs from subject matter experts to keep application updated.